Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Gunstringer Achievements

The Gunstringer Game Info
Game Title : The Gunstringer
Developer : Twisted Pixel
Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios
Platform : Xbox 360
Genre : Action
Release date : US: September 13, 2011

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Undead or Alive (20 points)
Remember the time you scorned a woman.

Pistol for a Hundred Skeletons (20 points)
Kill 18,675,309,000 Skeletons.

A Long Fall to Hell (20 points)
Find a way to kill an undead puppet.

Great Balls of Fire (20 points)
Survive an epic battle against a kite.

The Hidden Fortress (20 points)
Crash into someone's house uninvited.

How The East Was Won (30 points)
Possess a lush, full beard.

Seven Shooter (5 points)
Defy laws of physics by shooting more than six enemies without reloading.

Money is the Best Medicine (20 points)
Earn cash, not health, for every heart in an act.

Russian Chicken (10 points)
In a shootout, play chicken with a bullet before shooting it.

Requiem for a Gunstringer (20 points)
Walk amongst the dead.

Lonely Are The Dead (30 points)
Face Death and live to tell the tale.

A Fistful of Revenge (50 points)
Ride "Burrito" the Dog into the sunset.

The Great Wall of Vengeance (20 points)
Ride a rocket over a battlefield.

The Canyon Runs Red (20 points)
Fall thousands of feet without dying.

No Country for Old Barons (20 points)
Carjack a stagecoach.

For A Few Gallons More (30 points)
Take down Big Oil.

The Gunstringer Rides Again (15 points)
Destroy the advertising plan of a small business.

Once Upon a Time in the West (20 points)
End an artist's career.

The Bandit Sheriff (20 points)
Close your bank account.

Stranger in New Orleans (20 points)
Take Andrew Jackson to the Madam's district.

The Big Easy Reckoning (30 points)
Get close and personal with the Madam.

Legend of the 8000 Samurai (20 points)
Find the Great Wall of China in an unexpected place.

My Horse, A Gun, Your Lumberjack (20 points)
Find a place to saw some logs.

The Brute and the Beast (20 points)
See things that you will never be able to unsee.

Death Rides a Steamboat (20 points)
Commit mass destruction with a paddleboat.

The Last Undead Boy Scout (20 points)
Collect a gold medal, hardcore award, and 2P award in a single act.

Perfect Performance (25 points)
Win gold medals in all acts of a single play.

Sellout (10 points)
Buy an achievement from the bonus store.

The Lone Star (20 points)
Finish an act while playing on Hardcore Mode.

Gold Medallist (20 points)
Reach a Gold Medal score on a single act.

Why Would You Even Do This? (25 points)
Complete an act with every single modifier enabled.

Big Spender (25 points)
Purchase everything in the bonus store.

Strings of Steel (50 points)
Beat every play in one session. On Hardcore Mode. Also, never die.

Awesomeness Detected (20 points)
Do something really awesome.

Lucky Prize Winner (15 points)
Find an achievement hidden in a piece of concept art.

Hundred Thousand Dollar Baby (20 points)
Spend a whole chunk of money in the bonus store.

Perfectionist (30 points)
Win a gold medal in every act of every play.

The Backwards Bandit (20 points)
Complete a level with "Lefty Mode" enabled.

Hot Lead Pusher (20 points)
Get a crazy high kill streak.

Turbo Deflation (10 points)
Deflate the first boss in under 30 seconds.

No Insurance (15 points)
Don't scratch the paint while piloting a paddleboat.

Took a Bullet for the Team (10 points)
Take down the developers.

Two Hearts to Live (20 points)
Complete all acts in a play without ever dropping to one heart.

Living Large in the Saddle (10 points)
Hoard all the tacos and hearts in an act.

With a Little Help from a Friend (15 points)
Complete an act with a friend.

What's Next? (5 points)
Visit the Download Content screen to see what new content is available.

Tin Marksman (5 points)
Shoot all the cans in the Prologue.

The Red Baron (25 points)
Kill 100 enemies while strapped to a rocket in "The Great Wall of Vengeance".

Undead and Untouchable (20 points)
Reach the end of "Requiem for a Gunstringer" without losing a single heart.

Back Seat Commentator (5 points)
Listen to a different kind of narrator while you play.

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